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Why You Need a Locally-Owned, Mississippi Paper Shredding Partner

The pandemic has made it very challenging to carry out planned events. This situation isn’t foreign to Mississippians. ...
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Can You Track Your Facility’s Medical Waste End-to-End?

Medical waste regulations govern both packaging and transportation, and you are required to have proper documentation for both. ...
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Shred Now for a Smooth Start to 2022

2022 Will Bring Some Interesting Firsts In 2022, Beijing will host the Winter Olympics in February, making it ...
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Best Practices for Preventing the Spread of Viruses and Infections

In the healthcare industry, medical waste management is an necessity that can sometimes be given less attention than ...
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Tips for Planning a Paper Purge

Seasons of Change When I trained for my pilot’s license years ago, my lessons would be cancelled more ...
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FAQs about Medical Waste Disposal

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), solid waste generated by hospitals represents about 1% of the municipal ...
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