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How a Shredding Service Helps with Green Initiatives

June 13, 2023
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We all know that shredding confidential information is vital for staying compliant with privacy laws, but it also is great for the environment. When you partner with a reputable shredding company that provides a variety of shredding services, there are huge environmental benefits.


  • Recycling: Paper is wonderfully recyclable. A professional shredding company will send their shredded paper to a recycling partner so it can be made into alternative paper products. By partnering with a green shredding service, you also support employment in the recycling industry. Even better, you can purchase recycled paper and paper products for your business. By doing so, you make the recycling process sustainable.
  • Tree Preservation: When trees are cut down to make paper, their natural ability to trap carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, is literally cut off. Trees also provide oxygen to help regulate temperatures, prevent soil erosion and flooding, and provide a living habitat for animals. Clearcutting is responsible for increased greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, the destruction of endangered species’ habitats, and is associated with climate change. Preserving trees is a key contributor to a healthier planet.

Other Materials

Electronic Devices

All of your electronic devices can be shredded to protect your confidential data. There are precious metal components that can be recycled, including toxic metals such as antimony, arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, indium, lead, mercury, nickel, and thallium. In addition, many devices contain plastics that would take centuries to degrade much of what can be repurposed. In addition, allowing plastics to degrade in the environment releases toxins and microplastics into our environment and everything living in it, including humans. Keeping plastic out of the landfill is important.


We often don’t realize that other items like company clothing, uniforms, promotional materials, ID badges, and other branded, proprietary, promotional, or recalled products should also be destroyed and recycled. To protect your company’s reputation, prevent safety and security problems, and keep them out of the landfill, have them shredded by a product destruction service.

Our Current Reality

At present, each American produces about 4.51 pounds of waste each day—and we recycle less than 25% of that even though the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that around 75% of all waste is recyclable. By choosing a professional shredding company to destroy and recycle your confidential information and products, you will be proactively protecting the environment.

A Perfect Solution

GreenServ is proud to provide green and secure shredding and destruction services to businesses in Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Arkansas while recycling the shredded materials to protect our environment and preserve our natural resources. For more information or to book your shredding service, give us a call at 662-533-0940 or complete the form on this page to speak to one of our friendly experts.

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