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Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal and Compliance Service

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As a medical facility, safely dispensing medications is a foundation of patient care. Along with dispensing pharmaceuticals comes the responsibility of disposing of toxic, expired, or recalled pharmaceutical substances.

Trace amounts of toxic pharmaceutical substances can be contained in bags and vials, on protective gear like gloves and gowns, in spilled liquids and the tools or items used to clean them, oral medications, and even pharmaceutical packaging. All of these can be classified as pharmaceutical waste.

In addition, medical facilities that have a comprehensive plan to remove outdated or recalled medicines from active inventory and properly dispose of them will prevent the potential harm they could cause to patients.

GreenServ’s Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal and Compliance Service

Our service is unique. We designed it specifically to keep your facility compliant with Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Environmental Protection Act (EPA) pharma waste regulations.

How It Works

  • You choose from standalone or add-on service options.
  • We evaluate your formulary by each National Drug Code (NDC) and develop a customized plan for your RCRA hazardous pharmaceuticals (including P-List waste), non-hazardous pharmaceuticals, and controlled substances.
  • We provide a waste tracking system to help you stay classified as a “conditionally-exempt small-quantity generator.”
  • We train your staff and put systems in place that make it easy for them to do the right thing.
  • We provide ongoing compliance reports.

Additional Options

  • Need our technicians to manage the waste? No problem!
  • Need help with just controlled substances? We’re here for you.
  • Bundle with our other waste disposal services and shredding services for an all-in-one solution!

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Pharmaceutical Compliance

Improper disposal of pharmaceuticals can allow toxic and dangerous substances to leach into surrounding environment and contaminate soil, water, and waterways, poisoning people, animals, fish, and plant life. The community that is affected may be left with health problems and unsafe drinking water for decades to come.

Improper disposal methods include mixing pharmaceutical waste with non-hazardous waste or pouring it into sinks or toilets. To comply with medical waste regulations, pharmaceutical waste must be disposed of properly in accordance with both EPA and DEA regulations.

Pharmaceutical Disposal

With hundreds of thousands of pharmaceuticals in use, knowing how to dispose of each one and stay compliant is a major challenge. The primary types of pharmaceuticals include:

  • Controlled drug waste includes drugs that are prescribed to a specific client and are controlled by the DEA. They require following specific DEA disposal procedures to remain compliant.
  • RCRA hazardous medications includes drives that the EPA deems hazardous to the environment and typically require incineration as the disposal method. These include pharmaceuticals that are considered P-Listed, Toxic, Flammable liquid, oxidizer, corrosive, and flammable/nonflammable gases (aerosols).
  • Non-hazardous medications can include drugs used to treat blood pressure, diabetes, and bacterial infections. In some states, these are required to be incinerated because of the danger they pose.

Want more information about our Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal and Compliance Service? Call us at (662) 533-0940 or complete the form on this page. Our friendly experts are standing by to assist you.

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