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Sharps Waste Program

Sharps container disposal can be very dangerous if not handled well. At GreenServ, we’re glad to help you with your sharps disposal needs! We’re the partner you need to help with your unique sharps disposal needs. No customer is too big or small for us to help with your safe disposal of needles and sharps. We specialize in the removal of sharps waste from your facility. Our services help you reduce the waste, risk and cost sharps disposal by working with your facility from day one to ensure appropriate containers, proper disposal and employee training.

Do You Have Sharps Waste?

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Sharps waste is biohazardous material that can puncture skin and is contaminated with bodily fluids. More than six million healthcare workers who handle medical equipment such as needles, syringes, and scalpels are at risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens from sharps-related injuries OSHA estimates,. Therefore, it is critical that medical clinics, hospitals, dental practices, surgery centers, and other related organizations that generate contaminated needles and syringes to dispose of medical sharps waste correctly.

Compliant Sharps Disposal Management Requires:

  • The correct type of shatter and puncture-proof container labeled as biohazard waste with spill-proof start shaped opening
  • Proper training for the handling and disposal of sharps
  • Disposal compliance by medical staff
  • A licensed medical waste disposal company for proper removal

The FDA recommends healthcare facilities and other waste generators follow a two-step process for proper medical sharps disposal to reduce the potential of injury:

  1. Place all needles and sharps in a compliant sharps disposal container immediately after use.
  2. Follow medical best practice guidelines on removing sharps containers when 3/4 full to reduce risk from an overfull container.

By adhering to medical sharps disposal regulations, you can be compliant and avoid unnecessary fines, reduce the effects of medical waste on the environment, and prevent staff injury.

GreenServ sterilizes sharps waste in an autoclave using high pressure for 15-20 minutes to “deactivate” all bacteria and viruses on any material. For high-risk sharps disposal, including chemotherapy sharps disposal, we use an incinerator, which uses high temperatures to convert organic substances contained in the waste materials.

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