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Why You Need a Locally-Owned, Mississippi Paper Shredding Partner

February 23, 2022

Personal information documents with confidential label at top.The pandemic has made it very challenging to carry out planned events. This situation isn’t foreign to Mississippians. In 1817, Mississippi became the 20th state to join the Union. In 1917, promotion posters and postcards were printed in advance of the 100-year anniversary celebration that would have taken place in Centennial Plaza. Unfortunately, the festivities had to be cancelled when America entered World War I.

Have you put off finding a shredding partner because Covid has interfered by keeping your attention elsewhere? Secure destruction of your sensitive documents is critical, so if you have delayed finding a shredding partner, please make this a high priority. To save you time, consider looking locally. It will benefit both you and your community.

You need a paper shredding partner who will:

1. Protect Your Clients

If you are constantly gaining access to personally identifiable information (PII) provided by your customers, you instantly become responsible for the security and privacy of that information until it is completely destroyed. Any information on paper that is no longer needed, like names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, PIN numbers, email addresses, financial information, or credit history, can’t just be thrown into the trash can. If you partner with a locally-owned shredding company, you can arrange for secure destruction of this information on a one time or scheduled basis.

2. Protect Your Staff

Your company possesses personal information for all of your employees. These documents may include any of the previously listed information as well as Social Security numbers, salary, work history, human resources documents, and tax and pension information. The privacy act of 1974 makes it clear that you are responsible for any mishandling of PII, even accidentally. Utilizing the professional services of a shredding partner will help you reduce the risk of a breach of staff information.

3. Protect Your Company

Private information about your company that is leaked to the public or your competitors could pose a huge risk to you. Documents like proposals, correspondence, financial records, acquisition plans, or supplier and customer information should be kept secure. When they are no longer active, they should be discarded in a secure shred collection container until they are destroyed by a reputable shredding company. Your company’s reputation could also be at risk if any client’s, staff’s or business associate’s information is leaked. The FAIR and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) indicates that you are liable if you improperly dispose of documents that aren’t destroyed to a point that they are deemed permanently unreadable. A breach of sensitive information could cause you to lose the trust of customers and businesses as well as put you at risk of legal action against your company.

4. Protect the Environment

Utilizing the services of a locally-owned Mississippi paper shredding partner will help you and your company be confident about protecting the environment by recycling 100% of the shredded paper. When you recycle, you will save 17 trees per ton of waste, replenish the store shelves with paper products made of recycled paper and keep the shredded paper out of landfills.

GreenServ is a locally-owned, Mississippi paper shredding company. We will help you remain compliant with all privacy laws, guard your reputation, and protect the environment. Because we live and work in your community, your success is our success. Don’t let the pandemic push you to procrastinate any longer. Partner with us by calling 662-533-0940 or completing the form on this page.

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