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Controlled Substance Waste Program

Controlled substances or narcotics waste is DEA classified as waste which must be highly controlled. Due to their highly-addictive qualities, the fact that they are often abused, and because they are either fatal or toxic when taken in high doses, collection and disposal is very important.

These substances include such things as:

  • morphine
  • codeine
  • hydrocodone
  • diazepam
  • lorazepam
  • zolpidem
  • and more.

Effective Controlled Substance Waste Disposal

Clients throughout the South, including Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee and Arkansas count on GreenServ to support them with their DEA controlled waste substances that are expired, excess, and unwanted.

GreenServ offers a complete Pickup Service or a convenient mail-back program. With our mail-back program, we provide you with the proper packaging materials, shipping labels, instructions and required documentation necessary for your controlled waste destruction. Upon completion, you will be provided with all DEA documentation and a certificate of disposal by our affiliate DEA permitted facility. Our program has only a few simple steps and ensures safe, legal destruction of your narcotic waste.

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