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Medical Waste Disposal Services

Compliant Pickup, Treatment and Safe Disposal of Regulated Medical Waste

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GreenServ is a leading provider of regulated medical waste removal and disposal services throughout the mid-south region including Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee and Arkansas. Unlike other companies who merely act as a middle man and sub-contract out their jobs to other providers,  GreenServ is a premium, local medical waste management company and facilitates the entire process with our own fleet, saving you time and money. This is especially important for medical waste generators who are rightfully concerned with liability issues; only an all-encompassing service like GreenServ provides can adequately address those concerns. GreenServ assumes full responsibility for compliance from beginning to end.

Medical Waste Disposal Services

GreenServ specializes in the proper disposal of medical waste. Our medical waste pickup and disposal services are based upon employee safety, protecting the environment, and reducing compliance risks for your business that generates medical waste.

For healthcare offices, urgent care clinics, dental offices, nursing home and many other businesses, GreenServ’s biohazard waste services include:

  • Appropriate red containers
  • Labels and online manifests (shipping records) for the collection of biohazards
  • Professional pickup, removal and transport of your biohazardous waste.
  • Compliant treatment and disposal of biohazard, red bag waste.
  • Complete access to documentation for the collection and treatment of medical waste.

Our Vast Network Offers Medical Waste Removal Scheduling Flexibility

GreenServ’s flexibility with waste removal services helps to assure a great working relationship with our customers. We are able to offer waste removal services weekly, monthly, quarterly or as often as needed by your facility, which is determined by the volume of biohazard waste generated and mandatory local and state regulations in your area.

Acceptable Types of Regulated Medical Waste

  • Blood, Blood Products, Body Fluids
    Fluids must be contained in a sealed container to avoid seepage.
  • Sharps
    Needles and syringes, scalpel blades, glass pipettes, slides, etc. must be placed in a sharps container.
  • Laboratory Waste
    Cultures and stocks, test tubes.
  • Trace-Contaminated Chemotherapy Waste
    Empty drug vials, syringes and needles, spill kits, IV tubing and bags, contaminated gloves and gowns. Chemo sharps should first be put into a sharps container prior to placing them in the medical waste box.
  • Dialysis Tubing and Filters

Non-Acceptable Waste

  • Chemicals (bulk)
    Formaldehyde, acids, alcohol, waste oil, solvents, reagents, fixer developer.
  • Hazardous Waste
    Drums or other containers with a hazard or toxic warning symbol, batteries, heavy metals, etc.
  • Radioactive Waste
    Any container with a radioactivity level that exceeds regulatory or permitted limits; lead-containing materials.
  • Human Remains
    Heads, torsos, and aborted fetuses.
  • Bulk Chemotherapy Waste
  • Compressed Gas Cylinders
    Canisters, inhalers, and aerosol cans.
  • Glass Thermometers
    Or any other devices or solutions containing mercury

GreenServ Can Help

GreenServ consistently provides savings, security and compliant support for your Medical Waste disposal needs. Complete the form on this page or call us to discuss your unique needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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