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Google Reviews

My Surgery Center swapped from a well known medical waste management company initially for the cost savings, but we got so much more! Thanks...
a week ago
Janna Cruey Roark
Our ASC recently switched to GreenServ due to cost savings. Since starting, everything has gone great - no complaints! Miles was awesome to...
in the last week
Sandy Guice
Can't say enough great things about the GreenServ Team! Customer service is stellar. Highly recommend their services. Would give ten stars if I could. Miles...
a week ago
Mitias Orthopaedic
“Outstanding professional Service & exceptional value! Miles was the only Medical Waste Rep. to actually meet @Clinics in person; Brian, who removed the waste was highly knowledgeable and...
a week ago
Lloyd Foner
After switching to GreenServ we have much better service, more reliable pickup and are saving quite a bit of money. Definitely would recommend them...
a week ago
Paul Martin

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